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on 16 Nov 2019 12:40 PM

The economy is cooling down a bit. My customers see their visitors holding back with purchases. That makes the speed of your website or shop even more important to retain more visitors and to have those visitors buy more. In other words, your site needs to fast enough to keep converting.

De economische winter komt eraan

Nobody knows exactly when the next recession will hit. It's certain that it's on the way and that it won't take years before it gets here. In 2007 everything was fine, in 2008 we 'suddenly' had problems everywhere. If you want to keep converting with your website, even when the economy is down, you have to prepare now to stay ahead of your competition later.

Selling and attracting new customers depends on your web presence more and more. The speed of your web site demonstrably influences the retention of visitors (the percentage of visitors that stay) and conversion (the percentage of visitors that buy something or request information). But often you don't know how fast your site is for visitors and especially not for new visitors. And you don't know the effect of that speed on retention and conversion.

A fast website can sell 36(!) times as much as a slow website. How would it feel to easily double your sales? Ask for the scan - free for a limited time - worth 300 euros and with no strings attached, and know if your website needs to be faster.

De economische winter komt eraan
on 03 Nov 2019 12:47 PM

I found the website of Monique, one of my suppliers, to be really slow. At my suggestion Monique let us perform our free scan. And got herself a big scare. It takes almost 7 seconds before a new visitor sees her homepage. She's already lost 70% of her visitors before they even see her homepage. People have little patience and don't wait that long.

The conversion of the website (the percentage of visitors that actually request or buy something) had been below Monique's expectation for a while. The slowness of the website is an important factor there.

Run without sore muscles

Your website (or webshop) can be slow without you noticing. When you visit your own website your browser remembers parts of the site. The website displays much faster than it does for a new visitor. The new visitors browser has to fetch all parts of your website and that takes time. The site can take seconds longer to display and that's the difference between a user that stays and a user that leaves.

You spend a lot of time, effort and money getting visitors to your site. It's a shame if you waste that investment by having visitors leave because your website takes too long to display. With our free scan you'll know if your website is fast enough to retain users. And if it's not we can help you make your website fast enough that you earn back more of your investment in visitors.

Monique is taking the steps required to make her site fast enough to retain visitors.

Do you want to hang on to your visitors? Ask for our free scan. Click the button below.

Run without sore muscles
on 17 Oct 2019 6:30 PM

I like running. It lets me clear my head and it’s good for my health. I’m not a competitive runner. I do want the best possible health results. And improving my personal records is always nice.

Run without sore muscles

Recently I bought a smartwatch. Most smartwatches measure your heartbeat, your speed and your distance, but I bought a specialized sports watch. A sports watch measures a lot more like stride length, cadence (running rhythm) and oxygen level in your blood.

When you run there’s a limit to the amount of oxygen your lungs can take in. There’s a maximum amount of energy your body can produce with this oxygen (aerobic). You can use more energy (anaerobic), but then your body builds up a debt that you later have pay off with fatigue and sore muscles.

Using a sports watch instead of an ordinary smartwatch I can see if I’m running on oxygen or if I’m building up debt. Taking my speed down just a notch is often enough to run on oxygen. The result is a relaxing run that builds up my energy, and no sore muscles the day after. By measuring the right things the right way, signaling what’s wrong and most importantly: telling me what to do about it, the watch lets me get much better results from my running in just a few weeks time.

I do the same for my customers. I measure the right things in the right way. When things aren’t optimal or when they go wrong, I tell them what to fix and how to fix it. Sciante has the sports watch in performance tooling, measuring more, more accurately and more efficiently. You don’t just learn if you’re doing well, but also how to move from bad or just OK to GREAT.

Do you want to grow faster, serve your customers better and raise the productivity of your people? Click here for a free assessment of your web site, shop or application.

Run without sore muscles
on 27 Sep 2019 11:47 AM

I’ve been brewing my own beer since I was 18. It’s fun, it gives me something to drink and sharing my beer with others is really satisfying.

The basics of brewing are easy. Mill some barley malt, add water, and keep it warm for a while. Boil with hops, cool, add yeast and wait. Bottle and wait some more. Then the most important part, drink and enjoy.

Brew Great Beer

Brewing a GREAT beer is much harder. Over the years my beers improved by trial and error. My beer went from drinkable to OK. But I couldn't match the beers I was buying. I wanted to brew at least as good as commercial breweries.

So I decided to learn everything there is to know about beer. I read “De Praktijkbrouwer” (“The practical brewer”) by Gilbert Baetslé. Mr Baetslé is a (now retired) professor of brewing and fermentation technology at the university college in Gent, Belgium. In his book he explains what really goes on in a brewing kettle, a boiling kettle and a fermentation vat. And in the bottle as your beer matures.

My beer improved vastly from one brew to the next. I brew beers now that meet and exceed the beer produced by professional breweries. And I can design beers on paper and get the exact flavor I want, right from the first brew. Brewing based on knowledge instead of trial and error allows me to brew great beers instead of OK ones.

My customers experience the same. To be really successful you need to do more than just learn to push the right buttons. I help them achieve the GREATEST result possible, as I do with my beer. It takes effort and commitment, but it pays off quickly.

Do you want the best result for your business? Do you feel you're leaving a lot of potential, but you're unsure how to move from OK to GREAT? Get a free scan of your site or application and learn how to grow your business.

Brew Great Beer

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