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on 10 Jan 2019 1:49 PM

free employees

I was asked to fix some IT systems that were grinding to a halt. An IT staff member said these are just the systems that are failing totally. All their systems are running unacceptably slow but as long as they run at all there's no incentive to fix them.

So when your tire runs flat you keep driving slowly and replace the rim and the tire when the car stops moving at all? That's an expensive solution! A rim is much more expensive than a tire and you can only drive at a crawl. Afterwards you'll be stuck in tow truck on your way to the dealer. You won't be home for the game.

You're letting free employees get away

How would it feel if you had extra employees without having to pay them and without hiring? There are 480 working minutes in every working day. If you can save 5 of those minutes for every employee every day, you get a free employee for every 100 employees that you have. If your IT systems are up to speed you'll save much more than 5 minutes each day.

It's about how your business is running

Sciante looks at how IT performance affects your business, your customers and your people. We don't stop when all the technical lights are green. Sciante has helped dozens of customers speed up their IT so employees get more productive. And happier because no one likes waiting.

Over time your IT grows slowly. Like a car it needs maintenance. On software, hardware, configuration and more.

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free employees

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