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on 01 Jan 2020 12:32 PM

One of my customers is experiencing slowness in their entire infrastructure, especially in their helpdesk application. All specialists form all suppliers have looked at the problem, nobody has identified the cause. 'It's not us'

I sat all the specialists down around a table and asked them to tell their part of the story. What they know, what they saw and why it's not in their part of the IT.When everyone had told their story, and I'd asked a few questions, I knew which two problems were causing the delays.

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This customer has a storage network. The storage people say that's a network and the network people say it's storage. So nobody's looking at it. If you connect 58 servers and only 2 cables connect to the storage, it's like having a 58 lane highway that suddenly narrows to 2 lanes. It's not surprising you get a traffic jam there, especially if trucks, family cars, sports cars and motorcycles suddenly have to share the same lanes.

The other problem is fetching large chunks of data in very small parts. Part of your high way is limited to two lanes, but you keep driving up and down with a single package instead of sending a truck loaded with a few pallets. That gives you an unneeded traffic density and transfering the packages takes tens to hundreds of times as long as needed.

So I measured the infrastructure. Measurements confirmed these two problems and during measurement a few smaller problems also surfaced. Solutions were defined for the problems found, they are being implemented.

By creating good oversight I identified the problems quickly. Looking at parts of IT that nobody feels responsible for also helps. Properly dealing with IT performance requires knowledge, experience, oversight and insight. Administrators can have a lot of knowledge of the part they manage, the knowledge of adjacent parts is often limited an specific performance knowledge is often missing. That makes them miss causes that are outside their knowledge sphere.

For almost 10 years, Sciante has helped her customers systems get good performance and keep good performance. We fix problems fast and skillfully, but we prefer to prevent them before they occur. Sciante has a unique vision on IT performance that allows us to fix and prevent performance issues. Fast, competent, with oversight and insight.

To make your IT fast and reliable and keep it that way you contact Sciante with the button below.

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