Our mission

Sciante helps its customers make performance in complex IT environments manageable and keep it that way. With its integral approach Sciante finds your performance problems and their solutions. Preventing new problems is a goal by itself.

Sciante was founded in 2010 by people with decades of experience in the performance field. Effective and efficient methods have been developed to offer a complete service solution in this field. We work with our own software suite that provides a faster and better insight to you and to us. Our methods ensure your problems are solved quickly and permanently and that you can rely on sufficient speed for the future.

Sciante means 'knowing' in Esperanto, a universal language. Sciante speaks your language. We not only know the condition of your assets, we can explain it to you in non technical terms so you understand as well.

Reducing footprint

Sciante is doing everything to minimize the use of raw materials and energy. We do this by helping customers reduce their usage and by reducing our own usage.

Helping customers to work more efficiently.

We help customers to work more efficiently, thus reducing their need for raw materials and energy.

If the required capacity is reduced for a given workload than that workloads requires fewer IT assets to do its job. This workload has a smaller environmental footprint.

Reducing our own usage

Sciante reduces its footprint by making maximum use of renewable resources and by choosing energy-efficient components for its infrastructure.