To measure is to know

At Sciante we know exactly how to measure your performance metrics and how to analyze them, so you get a real insight into the status of your applications and infrastructure. This allows you to tailor your IT assets accurately to the actual need, while providing ample performance to your customers and users.

Performance will deteriorate rapidly if you scale up beyond a certain level. A point will come when solving performance bottlenecks by adding hardware becomes disproportionately expensive. In some cases, adding hardware does not help at all.
In many situations the only way forward, or at least the most cost effective way forward, is to improve the efficiency of applications or application chains.

Performance is a specialized field. The performance of your IT assets is determined by three factors.

Measure your performance?

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We know performance like no other. Whether you already have performance problems or want to prevent them, Sciante can help. We offer a free intake which is used to determine if and how we can help.

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By making an inventory of your workloads, you gain insight into the needs of your customers and users. Time-dependent user patterns are detected, allowing you to tune the allocation of capacity to the actual need.

What is a workload?

A workload is the total amount of work an application or application chain is required to perform for your customers and users for a given task or tasks.

A good understanding of your workloads is essential to understand the performance of your assets.


We can help you identify inefficiencies in your applications and application chains and help you formulate a proper solution.

What is efficiency

Efficiency is the amount of resources required by an application, application chain and/or infrastructure component to perform a given task or set of tasks.

In practice

Many applications are not designed with efficiency in mind. Development and testing are done on lavish hardware that can easily handle the small load that it is given. Efficiency becomes important when:


We help you to determine the optimal capacity for your IT assets using capacity management and other techniques .

What is capacity?

Capacity is the sum of available resources in your infrastructure or the sum of the resources made available to your application chain. The product of workload and efficiency determines the capacity required to handle your needs.

Insufficient capacity leads to performance problems. Too much capacity is a waste of money.