Sciante's main line of business is the performance field in the broadest sense

From databases to web servers, from networks to storage, we have an in-depth knowledge of the way they perform. In this field we offer a complete set of services.

Slow systems, unhappy customers and users. You have already rolled out new hardware and your application still refuses to provide sufficient performance.

Unique way of working

With our unique approach and extensive experience Sciante conducts a performance troubleshoot and find problems in your applications. Fast and affordable. We offer real solutions to real problems.

We know

If you want to know whether suppliers adhere to the agreements you have with them, Sciante can help with an assessment. We will tell you:


Your application chains and infrastructure are handled by different, often many, vendors. When things don't work as they should vendors start blaming each other instead of solving your problems. SLA's, if they even exist, are measured using unclear methods. Sometimes SLA's are not measured at all.

Sciante has experience with the implementation of capacity management and can help you get a better grip on the efficient use of your IT assets.

The benefits to you

Both overcapacity and undercapacity are to be avoided. Overcapacity wastes costly resources, undercapacity makes your IT assets perform sub-par.

Sciante can provide consultancy on all performance aspects of your IT environment and help you establish best practices. We put our knowledge and experience at your service. A long standing experience and knowledge that is always up-to-date give you the best in the field. Some examples of the environments we help our customers with:

Sciante provides knowledge

Knowing hard- and software from the lowest technical level to the functionality required by your customers and users is essential. It allows you to create performant application chains and infrastructure environments and and maintain their performance during their life cycle. In todays virtualized and shared environments , that are often hosted in private or public clouds, a lot of specialized knowledge is required. Knowledge that is expensive to have in your own organization and expensive to keep up to date.

Sciante can aid you in getting performance monitoring right, right form the start. Tools for measuring performance metrics are abundant. Knowledge for measuring the right things and interpreting the results is not.

We know what to look at, how to combine it and how to interpret it. So your people know what's going on in your IT assets and your customers and users stay satisfied.

Monitoring is essential

Monitoring your performance is essential for keeping your customers and your users satisfied. Ideally you want to know about potential problems before they occur and avoid them. And when problems do occur you want to know exactly where they are coming from and resolve them quickly.

Monitoring metrics

Proper performance monitoring requires looking at the right metrics in the right resolution and correlating the right metrics with each other. Different metrics are often measured and monitored by different monitoring solutions. In addition to technical metrics we monitor business and service metrics to give you a more complete insight into the state of your IT.