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on 27 Sep 2019 11:47 AM

I’ve been brewing my own beer since I was 18. It’s fun, it gives me something to drink and sharing my beer with others is really satisfying.

The basics of brewing are easy. Mill some barley malt, add water, and keep it warm for a while. Boil with hops, cool, add yeast and wait. Bottle and wait some more. Then the most important part, drink and enjoy.

Brew Great Beer

Brewing a GREAT beer is much harder. Over the years my beers improved by trial and error. My beer went from drinkable to OK. But I couldn't match the beers I was buying. I wanted to brew at least as good as commercial breweries.

So I decided to learn everything there is to know about beer. I read “De Praktijkbrouwer” (“The practical brewer”) by Gilbert Baetslé. Mr Baetslé is a (now retired) professor of brewing and fermentation technology at the university college in Gent, Belgium. In his book he explains what really goes on in a brewing kettle, a boiling kettle and a fermentation vat. And in the bottle as your beer matures.

My beer improved vastly from one brew to the next. I brew beers now that meet and exceed the beer produced by professional breweries. And I can design beers on paper and get the exact flavor I want, right from the first brew. Brewing based on knowledge instead of trial and error allows me to brew great beers instead of OK ones.

My customers experience the same. To be really successful you need to do more than just learn to push the right buttons. I help them achieve the GREATEST result possible, as I do with my beer. It takes effort and commitment, but it pays off quickly.

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Brew Great Beer

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